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1848, Republic of Venice (Provisional Government). Large Silver 5 Lira Crown.

Mint place: Venice
Denomination: 5 Lire
Mintage: 11,000 pcs.
Reference: Davenport 208, Pagani 177, KM-186.
Material: Silver (.900)
Weight: 24.85gm
Diameter: 38mm

Obverse: Winged and nimbate lion of St. Mark left, holding book with gospels.
Book Inscription: PAX TIBI MAR/CE EVAN GELI/STA MEVS ("May Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist!")
Legend: REPUBLICA VENETA * 22 MARZO 1848 *

Reverse: Denomination (5 LIRE) inside wreath. Mint initial (V) below.

In 1814 the viceroy Eugene , to save Lombardy, retroceded Venetia to Austria. The news of the Revolution of Vienna and the Milanese Insurrection , in 1848, found a ready echo in Venice, where the Austrian garrison, the Italians excepted, departed after peacefully capitulating . Daniele Manin was at the head of the provisional government, which the cities of the mainland accepted; they soon after joined the union with Piedmont under Carlo Alberto, as had already been done by Venice, and in a few days news arrived of the cessation of hostilities between Piedmont and Austria. The Venetian republic was then re-established (11 August, 1848). The Neapolitan general Guglielmo Pepe commanded the Venetian troops against the Austrians who came to retake the city. It was besieged in October; on 24 August, 1849, after a bombardment of twenty-four days, it surrendered. In 1866 Austria ceded Venice to Napoleon III, who gave it to the Kingdom of Italy.

Edge Inscriptoin: * DIO BENEDITE L’ITALIA "God bless Italy!"

The Lion of Saint Mark, representing the evangelist St Mark, pictured in the form of a winged lion, is the symbol of the city of Venice and formerly of the Republic of Venice.

Venetian tradition states that when St. Mark was traveling through Europe, he arrived at a lagoon in Venice, where an angel appeared to him and said “Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus. Hic requiescet corpus tuum.” (May Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist. Here your body will rest.) This (possibly apocryphal) tradition was used as justification by Rustico da Torcello and Bon da Malamocco in 828 for stealing the remains of St. Mark from his grave in Alexandria, and moving them to Venice, where they were eventually interred in the Basilica of St. Mark.

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(1537 X 745pixels, file size: ~210K)
Posted by: anonymous  2018-11-13
1848, Venice (Provisional Government). Beautiful Silver 5 Lire Coin. PCGS MS-61! Mint Year: 1848 Denomination: 5 Lire Mint Place: Venice (V) Mintage: 11,000 pcs. Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as MS-61! Reference: Davenport 207, Pagani 177, Montenegro 90, C#186, KM-804. R! Ma ...

(1537 X 731pixels, file size: ~230K)
Posted by: anonymous  2016-11-14
1848, Republic of Venice (Provisional Government). Large Silver 5 Lira Crown. R! Mint Year: 1848 Mint place: Venice Denomination: 5 Lire Mintage: 11,000 pcs. Reference: Davenport 208, Pagani 177, KM-186. R! Condition: Dark toning in reverse, uneven toning in obverse, otherwise a ...

(1200 X 599pixels, file size: ~240K)
Posted by: anonymous  2016-12-16
ITALIENISCHE REVOLUTION, 1848 Münzstätte Mailand 5 Lire 1848, Venedig. 24.97 g. Pagani 177. Dav. 207. Getönt. Fast FDC / About uncirculated.

(1200 X 597pixels, file size: ~247K)
Posted by: anonymous  2016-12-05
ITALIA Venezia Governo Provvisorio, 1848-1849. 5 Lire 1848. 24.96 g. Paolucci 1107. Dav. 207. qSpl-Spl.

(900 X 452pixels, file size: ~103K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-11-26
Haus Habsburg, Italienische Revolution 5 Lire 1848 V, Venedig. Jaeger/Jaeckel 277, Davenport 207. Gereinigt. Kleine Schrötlingsfehler und Randfehler, sehr schön +

(1200 X 596pixels, file size: ~221K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-11-15
ITALIEN Spezialsammlung Venedig Governo Provvisorio, 1848-1849 5 Lire 1848. 24.94 g. Montenegro 87. Paolucci 1107. Dav. 207. Winzige Kratzer. Fast vorzüglich.
Coins with venetian nimbate lion   The Venetian nimbate lion is a symbol associated with the city of Venice (Venezia), located in northeastern Italy. The lion is often depicted with a halo or nimbus surrounding its head, giving it a distinctive appearance. This symbol has been used historically on the coat of arms and flags of the Republic of Venice, as well as in various archi ...
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