About the project

The project started as an online coin catalog to collect information about coins and to overcome limitations to collect / hold all coins physically.

We would like to create online storage of all coins and beat all limitations of paper catalogs: e.g. more coins per type / struck, better images, faster search, fair valuations based on transactions available on the Internet, collective effort - everyone can contribute info and pictures.

The follow-up idea is to apply the same for other collectibles: banknotes, stamps, etc

We are curious if 'social collecting' works. 

Meet the Team: Hobbyray is developed / maintained by

Serhiy - Founder, Engineer. Iryna - Founder, Engineer. Cat Tabby - HR specialist.
Contributes ideas, design, implementation Contributes ideas, design, implementation Contributes inspirations and positive attitude

Feel free to share your feedback or ideas with us: pavlikovskiy{@}gmail.com

We would like to implement coin search by photo:(CoinVision is our prototype) but it requires ~$1M for ( engineering, data preparation, hardware, ..). If you are willing to contribute please contact us using the email above. 

You can support the project with any donation

All the best, Hobbyray Team