Coins with venetian nimbate lion

The Venetian nimbate lion is a symbol associated with the city of Venice (Venezia), located in northeastern Italy. The lion is often depicted with a halo or nimbus surrounding its head, giving it a distinctive appearance. This symbol has been used historically on the coat of arms and flags of the Republic of Venice, as well as in various architectural and artistic representations throughout the city.

The nimbate lion is commonly referred to as the "Lion of Saint Mark," as it is closely associated with Saint Mark the Evangelist, who is traditionally believed to be the patron saint of Venice. According to legend, the body of Saint Mark was smuggled from Alexandria, Egypt, to Venice in the 9th century, hidden inside a barrel of pork, and the winged lion became the emblem of the city as a result.

The symbolism of the nimbate lion represents not only the Christian faith but also the strength, majesty, and independence of the Venetian Republic. It can be found adorning buildings, statues, and various artifacts throughout Venice, serving as a reminder of the city's rich history and cultural heritage.

The nimbate lion remains an enduring symbol of Venice and is still used today to represent the city and its unique identity.
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