5 Franc Kingdom of France (1815-1830) Silver Louis XVIII of Franc ...

France (1st Restauration), Louis XVIII. Silver 5 Francs Coin.

Denomination: 5 Francs
References: Davenport 86, KM-702.6.
Material: Silver (.900)
Weight: 24.65gm
Diameter: 37mm

Obverse: Bust of Louis XVIII left. Bound hair, and with order cross. Engraver’s name (TIOLIER F.) at bust’s base.

Reverse: Crowned french shield with three lis flanked by olive branches.
Legend: PIECE DE 5 FRANCS. (privy mark) 1815 (I)

Louis XVIII (Louis Stanislas Xavier; 17 November 1755 – 16 September 1824), known as "the Desired" (le Desire), was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France and Navarre from 1814 to 1824 except for a period in 1815 known as the Hundred Days. Louis XVIII spent twenty-three years in exile, from 1791 to 1814, during the French Revolution and the First French Empire, and again in 1815, during the period of the Hundred Days, upon the return of Napoleon I from Elba.

Until his accession to the throne of France, Louis held the title of Count of Provence as brother of King Louis XVI. On 21 September 1792, the National Convention abolished the monarchy and deposed King Louis XVI, who was later executed by guillotine. When the young Louis XVII, Louis XVI’s son, died in prison in June 1795, Louis XVIII succeeded his nephew as titular King.

During the French Revolution and Napoleonic era, Louis XVIII lived in exile in Prussia, the United Kingdom and Russia. When the Sixth Coalition finally defeated Napoleon in 1814, Louis was restored to what he, and the French royalists, considered his rightful position. Napoleon escaped from his exile in Elba, however, and restored his French Empire. Louis XVIII fled and a Seventh Coalition declared war on the French Empire, defeated Napoleon, and for a second time restored Louis XVIII to the French throne.

Louis XVIII ruled as king for slightly less than a decade. The Bourbon Restoration regime was a constitutional monarchy (unlike the ancien regime, which was absolutist). As a constitutional monarch, Louis XVIII’s royal prerogative was reduced substantially by the Charter of 1814, France’s new constitution. Louis had no children; therefore, upon his death, the crown passed to his brother, Charles, Count of Artois. Louis XVIII was the last French monarch to die while reigning.

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(1200 X 599pixels, file size: ~238K)
Posted by: anonymous  2016-12-05
FRANKREICH Königreich Louis XVIII. 1814-1824. 5 Francs 1815, A-Paris. 24.98 g. Gadoury 591. Dav. 86. Vorzüglich-FDC.

(1125 X 420pixels, file size: ~102K)
Posted by: anonymous  2017-02-21
FRANCE 1814L 5 Francs Louis XVIII Silver Crown

(1365 X 670pixels, file size: ~198K)
Posted by: anonymous  2017-01-23
1814, France (1st Restoration), Louis XVIII. Silver 5 Francs Coin. Toulouse mint! Mint year: 1814 Denomination: 5 Francs Mint Place: Toulouse (M) References: Davenport 86, KM-702.9. Condition: Slightly deformed by a dozen of heavy hits in obverse (old silver-test marks), scratches ...

(900 X 454pixels, file size: ~119K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-11-27
Frankreich, Ludwig XVIII. 5 Francs 1814 Q, Perpignan. Gadoury 584. Kleine Randfehler, fast sehr schön

(1605 X 600pixels, file size: ~217K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-08-19
FRANCE 1814L 5 Francs Louis XVIII Silver Crown VF+

(1205 X 601pixels, file size: ~184K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-03-02
France. 5 Francs, 1815-I (Limoges). Dav-86; KM-702.6; Gad-591. Louis XVIII. First Restoration. Uniformed bust left. Lightly toned with lovely original mint luster. PCGS graded MS-62. Estimated Value $400 - 500. Categories: World Crowns and Minors
Coins of Louis XVIII   Louis XVIII, who reigned as King of France from 1814 to 1824 (excluding the Hundred Days period in 1815), oversaw the minting of various coins during his reign. Here are some key types of coins minted during Louis XVIII's reign:Gold 20 Francs: Gold 20 Francs coins were issued during Louis XVIII's reign and were commonly used for larger transac ...

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1913 France 5 Centimes Lot#DS346 High Grade! Beautiful!
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