2 Krone Sweden Silver Oscar II of Sweden (1829-1907)

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Sweden, Oscar II. Nice Silver 2 Kronor Coin.

Reference: KM-761.
Denomination: 2 Kronor
Mint Place: Copenhagen
Engravers: Lea Ahlborn / Emil Brusewitz
Material: Silver (.800)
Weight: 14.85gm
Diameter: 31mm

Obverse: Head of Oscar II as King of Sweden and Norway left. Incuse engraver´s initals (L.A.) on bust truncation.

Reverse: Crowned shield, supported by crowned lions. Banner with motto and date below.
Legend: 2 KRONOR / (privy mark) 1904 E.B.

Lea Ahlborn, née Lundgren, (1826-1897) was a famous Swedish artist. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, and the first woman to be appointed royal printmaker. The position of royal printmaker was public office, and thereby also made her the first female official in Sweden.

She made the medal-portraits to the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding of the king and queen, and she was hired by the US government to make the medal of George Washington at the centenary (hundred years anniversary) of the end of the war of independence in 1883, and to the celebration of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America in 1892. In 1892, she was given the medal Illis Quorum by the king.

Oscar II (21 January 1829 – 8 December 1907), born Oscar Frederik was King of Norway from 1872 until 1905 and King of Sweden from 1872 until his death. The third son of King Oscar I of Sweden and Josephine of Leuchtenberg, he was a descendant of Gustav I of Sweden through his mother.

Himself a distinguished writer and musical amateur, King Oscar proved a generous friend of learning, and did much to encourage the development of education throughout his dominions. In 1858 a collection of his lyrical and narrative poems, Memorials of the Swedish Fleet, published anonymously, obtained the second prize of the Swedish Academy. His "Contributions to the Military History of Sweden in the Years 1711, 1712, 1713," originally appeared in the Annals of the Academy, and were printed separately in 1865. His works, which included his speeches, translations of Herder’s Cid and Goethe’s Torquato Tasso, and a play, Castle Cronberg, were collected in two volumes in 1875–1876, and a larger edition, in three volumes, appeared in 1885–1888. His Easter hymn and some other of his poems are familiar throughout the Scandinavian countries. His Memoirs of Charles XII of Sweden were translated into English in 1879. In 1881 he founded the World’s first open-air museum at his summer residence near Christiania, now Oslo. In 1885 he published his Address to the Academy of Music, and a translation of one of his essays on music appeared in Literature in May 1900. He had a valuable collection of printed and MS. music, which was readily accessible to the historical student of music.

Also being a theater lover, Oscar II told Henrik Ibsen that his Ghosts was "not a good play". As he was dying, he requested that the theatres not be closed on account of his death. His wishes were respected.

King Oscar II was an enthusiast of Arctic exploration. Along with Swedish millionaire Oscar Dickson and Russian magnate Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Sibiryakov, he was the patron of a number of pioneering Arctic expeditions in the 1800s. Among the ventures the king sponsored, the most important are Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld’s explorations to the Russian Arctic and Greenland, as well as Fridtjof Nansen’s Polar journey on the Fram.

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(3197 X 1600pixels, file size: ~1M)
Posted by: anonymous  2024-03-12
Sweden - 2 Kronor 1904 - Silver

(1445 X 731pixels, file size: ~216K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-04-24
1878,SWEDEN. 2 Kronor, 1878-EB. NGC EF Details--Surface Hairlines.KM-742; Sieg-58c; AAH-46.

(1077 X 529pixels, file size: ~107K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-09-06
1897, Kingdom of Sweden, Oscar II. Silver 2 Kronor Coin. VF-XF! Mint Years: 1897 Condition: VF-XF! Reference: KM-761. Engraver: Lea Ahlborn Mint Place: Copenhagen Denomination: 2 Kronor Mint Master: Emil Brusewitz Material: Silver (.800) Weight: 14.98gm Diameter: 31mm O ...

(1205 X 600pixels, file size: ~184K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-03-02
Sweden. 2 Kronor, 1897-EB. Ahl-55; KM-761. Oscar II. A bright lustrous example. NGC graded AU-58. Estimated Value $200 - 250. Categories: World Crowns and Minors

(1005 X 502pixels, file size: ~126K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-02-20
SWEDEN, Oscar II, silver two kronor, 1897 (KM.761). Extremely fine, scarce.

(1005 X 496pixels, file size: ~113K)
Posted by: anonymous  2015-02-19
SWEDEN, Oscar II, silver two kronor, 1897 (KM.761). Extremely fine.

Sold for: $15.0
Switzerland - 1948 B - Silver 5 Francs - KM# 48 - High Grade

Sold for: $16.0
Switzerland - 1963 - Silver 5 Francs - KM# 51 - BU

Sold for: $29.0
France - 1847 BB - Silver 5 Francs - KM# 749.3
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