1 Thaler Free City of Frankfurt Silver

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1776, Frankfurt (Free City). Silver “Sachsenhausen Bridge” Thaler Coin

Mint Year: 1776 (1-year type!)

Mint Place: Frankfurt (Free City)

Reference: Davenport 2227, KM-256.

Mint Offiicials: Bunsen & Neumeister (B-N).

Denomination: Thaler - Struck to commemorate the opening of the Bridge from Sachsenhausen (Hausen) to Frankfurt in 1776! 

Weight: ca. 28gm

Diameter: 41mm

Material: Silver

Obverse: Three allegoric figures (Tyche as personification of Frankfurt standing beneath arms of Frankfurt, flanked by two river dieties, one male and the other female. The female holding a bridge (the Bridge at Hausen) the other is leaning on a prow. Symbols of trade and science beneath two jars from which the rivers Nied and Main are flowing out. Latin legend split by iluminated triangle with god´s eye inside.

Legend: A DEO ET CAESARE ("For God and King!")

Exergue: FRANCFURT     

Reverse: Turreted crown on wreath, which contains inscription in four lines. Fine mark value above, date (1776) below, flanked by initials of the mint-official and rosettes.


Since time immemorial, a special custom existed on the Alte Brücke, the so-called Brückenfreiheit (“bridge freedom”). Strictly speaking, the bridge was located outside of the city walls, and thus outside of the city. Every evening, the bridge gates were closed; passing the bridge by night was strictly forbidden. The Brückenfreiheit was connected to the obligation to maintain peace on the bridge. Violations of the law happening on the bridge were subject to draconian sanctions. An illustration by painter Philipp Uffenbach, made in 1610 for the Frankfurt bridge tower, shows this in a dramatic fashion: The picture shows three men scuffling on the bridge. In the foreground of the picture, the person who began the fight gets their hand cut off: “Wer dieser Brucken Freyheit bricht, dem wird sein frevel Hand gericht.” (“He, who breaches the liberty of this bridge, will receive punishment for his sinful hand.”) Using such depictions, the consequences of quarrel and fighting on the bridge have been made clear to those who were unable to read. The “politisches Schatzkästlein” (“political treasure chest”), a collection of chalcographies from 1630 compiled by Daniel Meissner, also contains a depiction of the Brückenfreiheit. Beside commonplace Latin remarks about not breaking the law, harsh sanctions and protection of the righteous, the plate also contains the German text: Dieser Brücken fre heit vermag, Daß niemand drauf be nacht odr tag, Treib frevel, mutwill und gewalt, Sonst haut man ihm die Handt ab baldt. (“These bridges' liberty means, that nobody on it by day or night, may practice wickedness, waggery or violence; else, their hand will soon be chopped off.”)

Chulalongkorn LoC.jpgSachsenhausen-Nord and Sachsenhausen-Süd are two quarters of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The division into a northern and a southern part is mostly for administrative purposes as Sachsenhausen is generally considered a single entity. Both city districts are part of the Ortsbezirk Süd.

As a whole, Sachsenhausen is the largest district by population and area in Frankfurt. It is located south of the Main river and borders the districts of Niederrad and Flughafen to the west and Oberrad to the east. Sachsenhausen-Süd is mostly comprised by the Frankfurt City Forest.

Sachsenhausen was founded as Frankfurt’s bridgehead in the 12th century. The oldest documents point to the year 1193. Unlike Frankfurt’s own historic city center, which burned to the ground after British bombing in 1944, Sachsenhausen’s old town is partly preserved. The Frankfurt youth hostel is located on its riverside. The population of Sachsenhausen is 55,422.

The River Main embankment hosts the city’s largest flea market and some of Germany’s best-known museums; it is also called the Museum Embankment (or Museumsufer). Here it is where the annual Museum-Embankment-Festival / Night of the Museums (or Museumsuferfest / Nacht der Museen), with all museums open throughout the night and discounted entrance fees as well as many open-air events in the streets, is held. Sachsenhausen is known for its vibrant nightlife sporting over two dozen bars, taverns and restaurants in the southern part’s old town.

The main street of Sachsenhausen is Schweizer Straße, a cosmopolitan boulevard with bars and two of Frankfurt’s most traditional cider houses, Zum gemalten Haus and Wagner. Ciderhouses that produce their own ‘Apfelwein’ (applewine) can be identified by the presence of a wreath of evergreen branches hanging outside the location or a similar image included on their signpost. The Textorstraße and the old town or ‘Altstadt’ have the best known ciderhouses in Frankfurt, but such pubs can be found all over southern Hesse. Orchards of the Sperling apple can be seen across the countryside and, reputedly, local law requires that Apfelwein be the cheapest alcoholic beverage on sale in any public house.

In addition, there is a brand new part of Sachsenhausen, built on the grounds of the old slaughterhouse area. Try to find the area from Deutschherrnufer numbered between 40 and 50. The area is located directly opposite the new seat of the European Central Bank on the other side of the river.

Landmarks of Sachsenhausen are the Henninger Turm and the Goetheturm.

Sachsenhausen is also the location of the Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology.

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(3205 X 1532pixels, file size: ~881K)
Posted by: anonymous  2023-10-29
1776, Frankfurt (Free City). Silver "Sachsenhausen Bridge" Thaler Coin. NGC AU50! Mint Year: 1776 (1-year type!) Mint Place: Frankfurt (Free City) Reference: Davenport 2227, KM-256. Mint Offiicials: Bunsen & Neumeister (B-N). Condition: Certified and graded by NGC as AU-50! D ...

(900 X 441pixels, file size: ~126K)
Posted by: anonymous  2017-04-02
Frankfurt, StadtTaler 1776. Brückenbau bei Hausen. J.u.F. 890, Davenport 2227. Sehr schön

(1500 X 725pixels, file size: ~230K)
Posted by: anonymous  2018-03-30
Frankfurt, Stadt. Taler 1776. Hausener Brücke. J.u.F. 890, Davenport 2227.Sehr schön

(740 X 357pixels, file size: ~68K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-14
1776,Frankfurt, Stadt. Taler 1776. Auf den Brückenbau bei Hausen. Unter strahlendem Auge Gottes steht weibliche Person mit Mauerkrone und Schild, links auf auslaufendes Fass gestützt die Flussnymphe der Nied mit Brückenmodell, rechts der Flussgott Main auf Ruder gestützt / In Lorbeerkranz mit M ...

(1737 X 831pixels, file size: ~362K)
Posted by: anonymous  2021-11-21
1776, Frankfurt (Free City). Large Silver "Bridge at Hausen" Thaler Coin. XF! Mint Year: 1776 (1-year type!) Mint Place: Frankfurt (Free City) Reference: Davenport 2227, KM-256. Mint Offiicials: Bunsen & Neumeister (B-N). Condition: Mint-made planchet striae, minor scratches/hairl ...

(1537 X 730pixels, file size: ~264K)
Posted by: anonymous  2017-07-17
1776, Frankfurt (Free City). Silver "Bridge at Hausen Opening" Thaler Coin. AU++ Denomination: Thaler Mint year: 1776 (1-year type!) Mint Place: Frankfurt (Free City) Reference: Davenport 2227, KM-256. Mint Offiicials: Bunsen & Neumeister (B-N). Condition: Minor planchet imp ...

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