1 Thaler Electorate of Bavaria (1623 - 1806) Silver Maximilian II ...

KM# 519.2 THALER
Silver, 40-43 mm.
Ruler: Maximilian III, Josef
Obv: Draped bustto right, mintmark below, head breaks legend at top Obv. Legend:D • G • MAX • IOS • () U • () B • (-) D • S • R • I • A • & E(L) • L• L •
Rev: Seated Madonna with Child, upturned crescent moonand clouds below, rays around behind, date at bottom Rev.Legend: PATRONA – BAVARIAE Edge Lettering: IN. - DEO. -CONSILIU. Mint: Amberg Note: Dav. #1954; JB-2209; H-330. Prev. KM#234.2.
Germany Electorate of Bavaria
1763 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769 1770 1771 1772 1773 1774 1775 1776 1777

1767, Bavaria, Maximilian III Joseph. Large Silver Madonna Thaler.

Mint Year: 1767
State: Bavaria (German State)
Reference: Davenport 1953, KM-519.1.
Denomination: Silver "Madonna" Thaler

Diameter: 40mm
Material: Silver
Weight: 27.7gm

Obverse: Draped bust of Maximilian III Joseph right, wearing Order of the Golden Fleece & large cross-shaped badge.
Legend: D.G.MAX.IOS.&.P.S.D.C.P.R.S.R.I.A.&.EL.L.L.

Reverse: The Virgin (Madonna) seated in clouds, holding baby-Jesus child and cross-topped orb in left hand and scepter in right hand.
Legend: PATRONA BAVARIAE . / 1767 .

Maximilian III Joseph (28 March 1727 – 30 December 1777) was Prince-elector of Bavaria from 1745 to 1777.

Born in Munich, Maximilian was the eldest son of Emperor Charles VII and his wife Marie Amalie, Archduchess of Austria. His maternal grandparents were Emperor Joseph I and Wilhelmina Amalia of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Upon his father’s death in 1745, he inherited a country in the process of being invaded by Austrian armies (see War of the Austrian Succession), and quickly abandoned his father’s imperial pretenses and made peace with Maria Theresa in the Treaty of Füssen, in which he agreed to support her husband, Grand Duke Francis Stephen of Tuscany, in the upcoming imperial election.

MaximilianJoseph was a progressive and enlightened ruler who did much to improve the development of his country. In 1747 the porcelain factory at Nymphenburg was established. Munich’s first academic institution, the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1759 by Maximilian III. During the severe dearth in 1770 Maximilian sold crown jewels to pay corn shipments. In this year he also issued his edict against the extravagant pomposity of the Church which contributed to the end of the era of Bavarian rococo. He also forbade the Oberammergau Passion Play. In 1771 the elector regulated the general school attendance.

In December of 1777 Maximilian Joseph died of small pox without leaving an heir. As the last of the junior branch of the Wittelsbach dynasty which derived from Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor and had ruled Bavaria since early 14th century, his death led to a succession dispute and the brief War of the Bavarian Succession. Maximilian’s consort Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony negotiated with Prussia to secure Bavaria’s independence against Austria. Ultimately, he was succeeded by his distant cousin, the Elector Palatine Karl IV from the senior branch of the dynasty.

Max III Joseph is buried in the crypt of the Theatinerkirche in Munich.

Max III Joseph ordered in 1751 François de Cuvilliés to construct the splendid rococo Cuvilliés Theatre. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was received by Maximilian III Joseph, who was skilled in music and composed, but due to strict frugality no post was offered.

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