1 Sucre Ecuador

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1991, Ecuador. Large Proof Silver 5000 Sucres Coin

Mint Year: 1991

Reference: KM-95.

Denomination: 1 Cordoba - Ibero-American Series I – Encounter of two Worlds – 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.

Material: Silver (.925)

Diameter: 40mm

Weight: 27gm

Obverse: Denomination, image of three ships of Christopher Columbus and a native mask.


Reverse: National arms of the Ibero-American countries around coat-of-arms of Nicaragua.



Ibero-America (Spanish: Iberoamérica, Portuguese: Ibero-América) or Iberian America is generally considered to be the region in the Americas comprising countries or territories where Spanish or Portuguese are predominant languages (usually former territories of Portugal or Spain). Portugal and Spain are themselves included in some definitions, such as that of the Ibero-American Summit and the Organization of Ibero-American States. The Organization of Ibero-American States also includes Spanish-speaking Equatorial Guinea, in Central Africa, but not the Portuguese-speaking African countries. The Latin Recording Academy, the organization responsible for the Latin Grammy Awards, also includes Spain and Portugal as well as the Latino population of Canada and the United States in their definition of Ibero-America.

The prefix Ibero- and the adjective Iberian refer to the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, which includes Portugal and Spain. Ibero-America includes all Hispanic American countries in North, Central, and South America plus the Hispanophone Caribbean, as well as Portuguese-speaking Brazil. Ibero-America makes up the overwhelming bulk of Latin America, but is differentiated from Latin America by the exclusion of the French-speaking country of Haiti, the French overseas departments of French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe, and the French collectivities of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy. Belize and Guyana, whose official language is English, and Dutch-speaking Suriname are not considered to be either Ibero-American or Latin American.

Since 1991, the Iberoamerican Community of Nations organizes a yearly Ibero-American Summit meeting of the heads of state and governments of the Ibero-American countries, including Spain, Portugal and Andorra, this has since changed to biannually from 2014.

Ecuador (Quechua: Ikwayur; Shuar: Ecuador or Ekuatur), officially the Republic of Ecuador (Spanish: República del Ecuador, which literally translates as “Republic of the Equator”; Quechua: Ikwayur Ripuwlika; Shuar: Ekuatur Nunka),  is a country in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Ecuador also includes the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, about 1,000 kilometers (621 mi) west of the mainland. The country’s capital is Quito and its largest city is Guayaquil.

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1991, Ecuador. Large Proof Silver 5000 Sucres Coin. Top Pop 2/0! PCGS PR-69 DC! Mint Year: 1991 Reference: KM-95. Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as PR-69 Deep Cameo! - Populaion 2/0! Denomination: 1 Cordoba - Ibero-American Series I - Encounter of two Worlds - 500th ...

Sold for: $18.0
Mexico - 1796 FM - Silver 1/2 Real - KM# 72

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Mexico - 1821 Zs RG - Silver 8 Reales - KM# 111.5

Sold for: $27.0
Philippines - 1903 - Silver 50 Centavos - KM# 167
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