1 Mark Weimar Republic (1918-1933) Silver

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1927-F, Germany (Weimar Republic). Silver 1 Mark Coin. Better Date! XF-AU!

Mint Year: 1927 Denomination: 1 Mark Mint Place: Stuttgart (F) Reference: KM-44, Jaeger- 319($110 in XF!). Condition: Toned, otherwise a nice XF-AU! Material: Silver (.500) Weight: 4.94gm

Obverse: Value (1) above denomination (REICHS/MARK) and mint initial (F). All within wreath.

Reverse: Heraldic eagle of Germany looking left. Legend: DEUTSCHES REICH * 1927 *

The Weimar Republic (Weimarer Republik) is the name given by historians to the federal republic and parliamentary representative democracy established in 1919 in Germany to replace the imperial form of government. It was named after Weimar, the city where the constitutional assembly took place. Its official name was German Realm (Deutsches Reich), which is often mistranslated into English as German Empire, or rendered by the partial translation German Reich.

Following World War I, the republic emerged from the German Revolution in November 1918. In 1919, a national assembly convened in Weimar, where a new constitution for the German Reich was written, then adopted on 11 August of that same year. The ensuing period of liberal democracy lapsed in the early 1930s, leading to the ascent of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler in 1933. The legal measures taken by the Nazi government in February and March 1933, commonly known as Gleichschaltung (“coordination”) meant that the government could legislate contrary to the constitution. The republic nominally continued to exist until 1945, as the constitution was never formally repealed. However, the measures taken by the Nazis in the early part of their rule rendered the constitution irrelevant. Thus, 1933 is usually seen as the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of Hitler’s Third Reich.

In its 14 years, the Weimar Republic was faced with numerous problems, including hyperinflation, political extremists on the left and the right and their paramilitaries, and hostility from the victors of World War I, who tried twice to restructure Germany’s reparations payments through the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan. However, it overcame many of the requirements of the Treaty of Versailles (Germany eventually repaid a reduced amount of the reparations required of the treaty, with the last payment being made on 3 October 2010),9 reformed the currency, and unified tax politics and the railway system, as well as having a unique cultural impact with its art, music and cinema. Germany continued to lead the world in science and technology during this period.

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(740 X 368pixels, file size: ~63K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-25
1927,1 Mark 1927 F. Jaeger 319. Sehr schön +.

(740 X 369pixels, file size: ~69K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-08
1927,1 Mark 1927 J. Jaeger 319. Vorzüglich - Stempelglanz.

(740 X 366pixels, file size: ~47K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-08
1925,1 Mark 1925 F. Jaeger 319. In US Plastic-Holder NGC MS64. Prachtexemplar. Fast Stempelglanz.

(740 X 368pixels, file size: ~63K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-16
1927,1918-1933. Mark 1927 J. Jaeger 319. Vorzüglich - Stempelglanz.

(1365 X 662pixels, file size: ~183K)
Posted by: anonymous  2021-01-13
1926-A, Germany (Weimar). Beautiful Silver 1 Mark Coin. VF-XF! Mint Year: 1926 Condition: VF-XF! Reference: KM-44. Mint Place: Berlin (A) Denomination: 1 Mark Material: Silver (.500) Diameter: 22mm Weight: 4.96gm Obverse: Value (1) above denomination (REICHS/MARK) and mint initial ...

(740 X 368pixels, file size: ~57K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-12
1925,Mark 1925 D. Jaeger 319. Fast Stempelglanz.
Reichsmark of Weimar Republic   The Reichsmark (RM) was the official currency of Germany from 1924 to 1948. It replaced the Papiermark as the currency of the Weimar Republic and continued to be used during the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler. The Reichsmark was subdivided into 100 Reichspfennig.The Reichsmark underwent significant fluctuations in value during its existence, p ...

Sold for: $17.0
Info: https://www.ebay.com/itm/364892626016 2024-05-23
GERMANY 5 Reichsmark 1938 A - Silver 0.900 - Swastika - VF - 540

Sold for: $1.0
Info: https://www.ebay.com/itm/364892624708 2024-05-23
GERMANY 1/2 Mark 1907 A - Silver 0.900 - Wilhelm II. - 520

Sold for: $3.0
Info: https://www.ebay.com/itm/364890977764 2024-05-23
GERMANY 1/2 Mark 1919 J - Silver 0.900 - Wilhelm II. - VF - 432
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