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CoinWorldTV 1830, Bolivia (Republic). Nicely Struck Silver 4 Soles Coin. Mint Year: 1830 Mint Place: Potosi Reference: KM-96a. Denomination: 4 Soles Diameter: 32mm Material: Silver Weight: 13.8gm Obverse: Laureate and uniformed bust of Simon Bolivar right. Legend: LIBRE POR LA CONTITUCION. / BOLIVAR. Reverse: Alpacas (Llamas) reclining on either side of a palm tree. Six stars ab ...
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Bolivia. Sol, 1853-FP. KM-119.1. Arms. Without value. Reverse: Bolivar. Lustrous. Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. Estimated Value $150 - 200. Categories: World Crowns and Minors

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† WORLD COINS, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA Republic, Silver Sol, 1855 F, Paz mint, llamas beneath tree, stars above, rev laureate head of Bolivar left, “Paz style” (KM 128). Good fine only ...

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Bolivia. Sol, 1828-JM (Potosi). KM-94. Llamas under tree, date below. Reverse: Military bust of Bolivar facing right. Toned. Scarce type in grade. NGC graded AU-55. Estimated Value $200 - 250. C ...
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1/2 Crown United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irel ...
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SCHWEIZ Eidgenossenschaft 2 Franken 1908. 9.99 g. Divo 247. HMZ 2-1202n. Prachtvolle Erhaltung. FDC.
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