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600 Reis    (about   Reis)
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1750, India (Poruguese), John V. Silver Rupia (600 Reis) Coin

Mint Year: 1750

Mint Place: Damao

Denomination: Rupia (600 Reis)

Reference: Gomes# J5 78, KM-24.

Weight: ca. 11.9gm

Diameter: 25mm

Material: Silver

Obverse: Crowned coat-of-arms of the Kingdom of Portugal.

Stylized cross of Jerusalem with date (1-7-5-0) in quarters.

Daman (/dəˈmɑːn/) is the capital city of the Indian union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu. It is a municipal council situated in the Daman district of the union territory.

Daman Ganga River divides Daman into two parts — Nani-Daman (Nani meaning “small”) and Moti-Daman (Moti meaning “big”). Despite its name, Nani-Daman is the larger of the two parts, while the old city is mainly in Moti-Daman. This holds most of the important entities like the major hospitals, supermarkets, and major residential areas. Vapi, Gujarat is the nearest city to Daman.

Dom John V (Portuguese: João Francisco António José Bento Bernardo; 22 October 1689 – 31 July 1750), known as the Magnanimous (o Magnânimo) and the Portuguese Sun King (o Rei-Sol Português), was King of Portugal from 9 December 1706 until his death in 1750. His reign saw the rise of Portugal and its monarchy to new levels of prosperity, wealth, and prestige among European courts.

John V’s reign saw an enormous influx of gold into the coffers of the royal treasury, supplied largely by the royal fifth (a tax on precious metals) that was received from the Portuguese colonies of Brazil and Maranhão. John spent lavishly on ambitious architectural works, most notably Mafra Palace, and on commissions and additions for his sizable art and literary collections. Owing to his craving for international diplomatic recognition, John also spent large sums on the embassies he sent to the courts of Europe, the most famous being those he sent to Paris in 1715 and Rome in 1716.

Disregarding traditional Portuguese institutions of governance, John V ruled as an absolute monarch. In keeping with a traditional policy pursued by previous monarchs of the House of Braganza which stressed the importance of good relations with Europe, John’s reign was marked by numerous interventions into the affairs of other European states, most notably as part of the War of the Spanish Succession. On the imperial front, John V pursued an expansionist policy, with significant territorial gains in Portuguese India and Portuguese America.

John V was a very pious man who devoted large parts of his day to prayer and religious study. He rewarded his long-awaited recognition as a lawful monarch by Pope Benedict XIV with a fervent devotion to the Catholic Church and some very large donations to the Holy See. The Pope granted John V the style “Most Faithful Majesty,” which appealed to him greatly. However, John’s relationship with the papacy varied at different periods in his reign; there were both close relations and conflicts at different times during the reigns of five different popes.

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1750, India (Poruguese), John V. Silver Rupia (600 Reis) Coin. Top Pop 1/0! NGC XF45! Mint Year: 1750 Mint Place: Damao Denomination: Rupia (600 Reis) Reference: Gomes# J5 78, KM-24. Condition: Certified and graded by NGC as XF-45! - Top Pop 1/0! Weight: ca. 11.9gm Diame ...

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