5 Dollar USA (1776 - ) Gold

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Early Gold Coins (1908-1929)

Designer – Engraver: Bela Lyon Pratt
Metal Composition: 90% Gold – 10% Copper
Diameter: 21.6 mm
Mass / Weight: 8.36 grams

Obverse: Indian head left. Date (1909) below, thirteen stars around.

Reverse: Eagle perched on a bunch of arrows, entwined by olive-branch. Value in words below, motto in right field. Min initial (D) in left field beneath arrows. Legend: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / E PLURIBUS UNUM / TEN . DOLLARS

The Indian Head eagle was a ten-dollar gold piece, or eagle struck by the United States Mint continuously from 1907 until 1916, and then irregularly until 1933. The obverse and the reverse, designed by the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens,   were originally commissioned for use on other denominations.   Saint-Gaudens was suffering from cancer, and did not survive to see the   coins released.

Beginning in 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt proposed the introduction of new, more artistic designs on US coins,   prompting the Mint to hire Saint-Gaudens to create them. Roosevelt and   Saint-Gaudens at first considered a uniform design for the four   denominations of US coin which were struck in gold, but in 1907   Roosevelt decided to use a model for the obverse of the eagle that the   sculptor had meant to use for the cent. For the reverse of the   ten-dollar coin the President decided on a design featuring a standing bald eagle, which had been developed for the twenty-dollar piece designed by Saint-Gaudens.

The coin, as sculpted by Saint-Gaudens, was in too high relief for the Mint to strike readily; completion of the design modifications   necessary to make the coin sufficiently flat to be struck by one blow of   the Mint’s presses took months. Following the sculptor’s death on   August 3, 1907, Roosevelt insisted that the new eagle be finished and   struck that month. New pieces were given to the President on August 31,   which differ from the coins struck later for circulation.

The omission of the motto “In God We Trust” on the new coins caused public outrage, and prompted Congress to pass a bill mandating its inclusion. Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber added the words and made minor modifications to the design. The Indian   Head eagle was struck regularly until 1916, and then intermittently   until President Franklin Roosevelt directed the Mint to stop producing gold coins in 1933. Its termination   ended the series of eagles struck for circulation begun in 1795. Many   Indian Head eagles were melted by the government in the late 1930s; the   1933 issue is a particular rarity, as few were distributed.

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(3205 X 1568pixels, file size: ~1M)
Posted by: anonymous  2024-01-10
1909-D, United States. Beautiful Gold "Indian Head" $5 Half Eagle Coin. 8.34gm! Mint Year: 1909Reference: KM-129. Designer: Bela Lyon Mint Place Denver (D) Condition: A nice XF-AU! Denomination: 5 Dollars (Half Eagle ) Material: Gold (.900) Diameter: 21.6mm Weight: 8.34gm Obv ...

(740 X 372pixels, file size: ~64K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-29
1910,Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. 5 Dollars 1910. Indian Head. K.M. 129, Friedberg 151. GOLD. Winziger Kratzer, sehr schön - vorzüglich.

(740 X 371pixels, file size: ~64K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-25
1914,Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. 5 Dollars 1914. Indian Head. Friedberg 148. GOLD. Winzige Kratzer, sehr schön - vorzüglich.

(740 X 370pixels, file size: ~64K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-25
1910,Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. 5 Dollars 1910. Indian Head. K.M. 129, Friedberg 151. GOLD. Fast vorzüglich.

(740 X 368pixels, file size: ~65K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-25
1908,Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. 5 Dollars 1908. Indian Head. K.M. 129, Friedberg 151. GOLD. Sehr schön - vorzüglich.

(740 X 369pixels, file size: ~64K)
Posted by: anonymous  2020-11-23
1915,Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. 5 Dollars 1915. Indian Head. K.M. 129, Friedberg 148. GOLD. Sehr schön - vorzüglich.
Indian Head Gold Eagle Coin
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Variations and designs of 5 Dollar USA   The $5 United States coin, also known as the half eagle, has undergone various designs and variations throughout its history. Here are some notable designs and variations:Capped Bust (1795-1838):The Capped Bust design featured Liberty facing left wearing a Phrygian cap, with a small eagle on the reverse.Variations included changes in the size ...

Sold for: $3000.0
1923-S Liberty Standing Quarter Dollar. PCGS graded MS-64 PQ. Well struck with the head nearly full. Close examination suggests this is a full head. Lightly toned around the edges. A nice origin ...

Sold for: $4800.0
1908-S. NGC graded MS-66 Red. Nice strike with relatively fresh color. Frosty Gem. Tied for finest at NGC. Satiny matte surfaces explode with intense luster and varying shades of coppery and gol ...

Sold for: $10550.0
1919-D. PCGS graded MS-63. CAC Approved. Weak strike as usually seen for the date. But overall a beautiful lustrous untoned example for this rare date. The end of the First World War, celebrated ...
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