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1868, Austria, Emperor Francis Joseph I. Gold Ducat Coin. (3.37gm!) Pierced! Mint Year: 1868 Denomination: Ducat Reference: KM-2266. Mint Place: Vienna (A) Condition: Pierced (holed) to be used in jewellery as a pendant, worn off surfaces and lightly damaged and/or reduced edge, otherwise VF/VF+ Material: Gold (.986) Diameter: 20mm Weight: 3.37gm Obverse: Wreathed head of Franz Jos ...
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AUSTRIA, Franz Joseph, twenty francs or eight florins, 1889 (KM.2269) ten corona, 1897, 1912 restrike (KM 2805, 2816). Nearly extremely fine - uncirculated. (3)

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Franz Joseph Lot of Two Restrike gold Coins 1912 1915, 1912, 10 Corona, KM#2816, UNC. 1915, Ducat, KM#2267, UNC. AGW 0.0208 oz. Sold as is, no return lot.

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HUNGARY, Ludwig I (1342-1383), gold gulden or ducat, obv. Florentine lily, around +LODOV ICI REX, rev. St. John, standing facing, around S IOHA NNES B, ...
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