1 Paisa British Raj (1858-1947) Copper

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1890, India, Ratlam State, Ranjit Singh. Scarce Copper Paisa Coin

Mint Year: 1890

Reference: KM-24.

Denomination: Paisa - Original strike of 1890!

Diameter: 23.5mm

Material: Copper

Weight: 5.7gm

Obverse: Hanuman (the Hindu monkey God) as a giant walking on mountains left, shouldering a club and holding Katar (Indian dagger, in which the grip is perpendicular to the blade) in right hand. All within floral pattern, topped by a star.

Legend (translated from Devanagari): Ratlam

Reverse: Inscription within beaded circle. All within floral border.

Legend (translated from Devanagari): One Paisa Year 1947


Ratlam State was a 13 gun salute (15 local) princely state in India, part of the Malwa Agency of Central India during the British Raj. The state’s capital was Ratlam town in modern Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. Ratlam State was originally a prosperous kingdom, its parganas included Dharad (Ratlam), Raoti, Dhamnod, Badnawar, Dagparawa, Alot, Titrod, Kotri, Gadgucha, Agar, Nahargarh, Kanar, Bhilara and Ramgharia yielding a revenue of Rs.53,00,000 in the 17th century. Maharaja Ratan Singh Rathore of Ratlam supported Dara Shukoh during the Mughal succession war. However Dara Shukoh lost and Ratan Singh was killed in battle. The new emperor Aurangzeb annexed Ratlam and reduced the state to a great extent. The state further lost land to the Scindias of Gwalior. During British rule in 1901 the state had an area of 1795 km2 and an estimated revenue of Rs.8,00,000.


Ranjit Singh (13 November 1780 – 27 June 1839), popularly known as Sher-e-Punjab or “Lion of Punjab”, was the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, which ruled the northwest Indian subcontinent in the early half of the 19th century. He survived smallpox in infancy but lost sight in his left eye. He fought his first battle alongside his father at age 10. After his father died around Ranjit’s early teenage years, Ranjit subsequently fought several wars to expel the Afghans throughout his teenage years. At the age of 21, he was proclaimed the “Maharaja of Punjab”. His empire grew in the Punjab region under his leadership through 1839.

Prior to his rise, the Punjab region had numerous warring misls (confederacies), twelve of which were under Sikh rulers and one Muslim. Ranjit Singh successfully absorbed and united the Sikh misls and took over other local kingdoms to create the Sikh Empire. He repeatedly defeated invasions by outside armies, particularly those arriving from Afghanistan, and established friendly relations with the British.

Ranjit Singh’s reign introduced reforms, modernisation, investment into infrastructure and general prosperity. His Khalsa army and government included Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Europeans. His legacy includes a period of Sikh cultural and artistic renaissance, including the rebuilding of the Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar as well as other major gurudwaras, including Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Bihar and Hazur Sahib Nanded, Maharashtra under his sponsorship. Ranjit Singh was succeeded by his son Kharak Singh. Ranjit Singh also founded the Order of the Propitious Star of Punjab in 1837.


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1890, India, Ratlam State, Ranjit Singh. Scarce Copper Paisa Coin. NGC AU+ Mint Year: 1890 Reference: KM-24. Denomination: Paisa - Original strike of 1890! Condition: Certified and graded by NGC as AU (Details: Cleaned!) Diameter: 23.5mm Material: Copper Weight: 5.7gm Obve ...

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