Silver coins of George Washington

George Washington, the first President of the United States, is depicted on several commemorative silver coins issued by the United States Mint. These coins are not currency per se but rather collectible pieces issued to honor Washington's legacy and contributions to American history. Here are a few notable examples:

Washington Quarter: The Washington Quarter is a circulating coin that features George Washington's portrait on the obverse (front) and a depiction of an eagle on the reverse. It was first minted in 1932 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Washington's birth. While it is not made of silver in its modern composition, from 1932 to 1964, the Washington Quarter was composed of 90% silver.

George Washington 250th Anniversary Half Dollar: In 1982, the United States Mint issued a commemorative half dollar coin to celebrate the 250th anniversary of George Washington's birth. The coin features a bust of Washington on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. It was minted in both uncirculated and proof versions, with the proof version made of 90% silver.

2007 Presidential Dollar Coin: As part of the Presidential $1 Coin Program, George Washington was featured on the first coin released in 2007. While these coins were not made of silver for circulation, the United States Mint issued special collector sets, such as proof sets, which included silver versions of the coins.

Washington Before Boston Medal: In 1975, the United States Mint issued a commemorative silver medal known as the "Washington Before Boston Medal." It depicts Washington on horseback during the American Revolutionary War. While not a coin, it is a significant numismatic item featuring George Washington.

These coins and medals pay tribute to George Washington's pivotal role in American history and serve as cherished collectibles for numismatists and enthusiasts alike.

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