Silver coins of Elizabeth II

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, which began in 1952 and continues to the present day, various silver coins have been minted across the British Commonwealth. Here are some of the main types of silver coins that have been issued during Elizabeth II's reign:

Silver Crown: The crown is a large silver coin with a denomination of five shillings or 25 pence. These coins are often issued for special occasions, such as royal jubilees or commemorative events. They typically feature elaborate designs on both the obverse and reverse, showcasing important symbols or national emblems.

Silver Half-Crown: The half-crown is a smaller silver coin with a denomination of two shillings and sixpence or 12.5 pence. These coins were widely circulated and used for everyday transactions throughout the British Empire. However, they were gradually phased out of circulation and are no longer minted.

Silver Florin: The florin, also known as the two-shilling coin, was a popular denomination during Elizabeth II's early reign. These coins were commonly used in everyday transactions and featured distinctive designs on both sides. Like the half-crown, florins were eventually demonetized and ceased production.

Silver Shilling: The shilling was a standard unit of currency in the British Empire, and silver shilling coins featuring Elizabeth II's portrait were minted in large quantities. They were used for various transactions and were an essential part of everyday commerce. However, like the florin and half-crown, shillings were phased out of circulation.

Silver Commemorative Coins: In addition to standard circulating coins, numerous commemorative silver coins have been issued during Elizabeth II's reign to mark significant events, anniversaries, and milestones. These coins often feature special designs and are struck in limited quantities for collectors.

Silver Bullion Coins: Various silver bullion coins, such as the Britannia series, have been minted during Elizabeth II's reign. These coins are typically produced for investment purposes and are valued based on their silver content rather than their numismatic value.

These silver coins have played a role in the economy and culture of the British Commonwealth during Queen Elizabeth II's reign. They are sought after by collectors and investors alike and serve as important historical and cultural artifacts.

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