Origin of the name for Reis Portuguese

The term "Reis" (singular: Real) was the name of the currency used in Portugal and its colonies for several centuries. The origin of the name "Reis" is derived from the Portuguese word for "royal" or "king," reflecting its historical association with the Portuguese monarchy.

During the Middle Ages, Portugal used various currencies, including dinheiros, soldos, and reais, which were often named after their denominations or their metallic content. The term "Real" became prominent as Portugal solidified its status as an independent kingdom and established its own coinage system.

The adoption of the name "Real" or "Reis" for the Portuguese currency may have been influenced by the royal authority and endorsement associated with coinage issued by the monarchy. It signified that the currency had been authorized and guaranteed by the reigning monarch, providing stability and legitimacy to the monetary system.

Over time, the Reis became the standard unit of currency in Portugal and its overseas territories, including Brazil and other colonies. Even after the establishment of the Republic in Portugal in 1910, the Reis continued to be used until it was replaced by the Escudo in 1911.

In summary, the name "Reis" for the Portuguese currency originated from its association with royalty and the monarchy, reflecting the historical authority and endorsement of coinage issued by the Portuguese kings.
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