History of sol as a monetary unit in France

The "sol" was a historical monetary unit in France, but it's important to note that its usage and significance evolved over time. Here's an overview of the history of the sol as a monetary unit in France:
Ancient Origins:
The term "sol" has its origins in ancient Rome, where it referred to a gold coin known as the solidus. The solidus was introduced by Emperor Constantine the Great in the 4th century AD and was widely used throughout the Roman Empire.

Medieval France:
In medieval France, the sol was a unit of account used in accounting and taxation, but it was not an actual coin. It was equivalent to 12 deniers, which was a smaller denomination coin.
The sol was part of the traditional system of French currency, alongside other denominations such as the livre (pound) and the denier.

Transition to the Franc:
During the French Revolution in the late 18th century, the French monetary system underwent significant changes. The revolutionary government introduced the franc as the new national currency, replacing the traditional system of livre, sol, and denier.
The introduction of the franc marked the beginning of decimalization in French currency, with the franc divided into 100 centimes.

Although the sol ceased to be an official monetary unit in France after the adoption of the franc, the term continued to be used colloquially in certain regions and contexts.
In modern times, the sol is primarily associated with its usage in Latin America, particularly in countries like Peru where it serves as the official currency.
Overall, while the sol had historical significance as a monetary unit in France, its usage predates the modern French monetary system based on the franc. Today, the sol is more commonly associated with its usage in other countries rather than in France.

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