French Cambodia Silver coins

French Cambodia, a colonial territory of France in Southeast Asia, issued various silver coins during its period of French rule. These coins were used as legal tender in the region and played a crucial role in facilitating trade and commerce. Here's an overview of the silver coins of French Cambodia:

Piastre de Commerce:
The Piastre de Commerce was the standard currency of French Indochina, which included Cambodia. This silver coin served as the primary unit of currency and was used for larger transactions.
The Piastre de Commerce typically featured the denomination "1 Piastre" on the obverse side, along with inscriptions in French and often Khmer script. The reverse side usually bore the coat of arms of French Indochina, consisting of a central circle with a star and a wreath.

Indochinese Silver Coins:
In addition to the Piastre de Commerce, French Cambodia issued various silver coins with smaller denominations in cents and centimes. These coins were used for everyday transactions and were smaller in size and value compared to the Piastre de Commerce.
Indochinese silver coins typically featured the denomination and inscriptions in French on the obverse side, while the reverse side might include traditional Cambodian motifs or symbols.

Commemorative and Special-Issue Coins:
French Cambodia also issued commemorative and special-issue silver coins to mark significant events, anniversaries, or cultural milestones. These coins often featured unique designs and were minted in limited quantities.
Commemorative coins might depict important figures, landmarks, or scenes related to French colonial rule in Cambodia, as well as symbols of Cambodian culture and heritage.

Transition to the Cambodian Riel:
Following the end of French colonial rule and Cambodia's independence, the Cambodian Riel gradually replaced the Piastre de Commerce and other colonial currencies. Silver coins ceased to be minted, and existing coins were withdrawn from circulation or melted down for their metal content.
Overall, the silver coins of French Cambodia played a significant role in the region's economy and history, reflecting the impact of French colonialism and cultural exchange in Southeast Asia. Today, these coins are sought after by collectors and numismatists for their historical significance and unique designs.

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