Coins of Ferdinand I of Bulgaria

Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, also known as Ferdinand Coburg, reigned as the Tsar of Bulgaria from 1887 to 1918. During his reign, various coins were minted in Bulgaria, reflecting the country's currency system and historical context. Here are the main types of coins issued during Ferdinand I's reign:

Silver Lev Coins: The lev was the official currency of Bulgaria, and silver lev coins were minted in various denominations. These coins typically featured Ferdinand I's portrait on the obverse and various symbols, such as the Bulgarian coat of arms or national emblems, on the reverse. Denominations included 1 lev, 2 leva, and 5 leva.

Gold Lev Coins: Gold lev coins were also minted during Ferdinand I's reign, though in smaller quantities compared to silver coins. These coins were typically of higher denominations and were used for larger transactions. They also featured Ferdinand I's portrait and national symbols on the obverse and reverse, respectively.

Copper Coins: Copper coins of lower denominations were minted for everyday transactions. These coins usually featured simpler designs and were of lower value compared to silver and gold coins. Denominations included 5, 10, and 20 stotinki.

Commemorative Coins: Throughout Ferdinand I's reign, Bulgaria issued various commemorative coins to mark significant events, such as anniversaries, celebrations, or historical milestones. These coins often featured special designs and were minted in limited quantities.

The designs of these coins often reflected Bulgaria's national identity and historical heritage. They provide valuable insights into Bulgaria's economic and political developments during Ferdinand I's reign. Today, coins from this period are sought after by collectors of Bulgarian numismatics and serve as important historical artifacts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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