Animal-themed coins

 Animal-themed coins are quite popular among collectors and are issued by many countries worldwide. Here are some examples of animal-themed coins:

Australian Kangaroo Series: Australia's Perth Mint issues the Kangaroo series, featuring different designs of kangaroos on the reverse side. These coins are available in various denominations and are highly collectible.

Canadian Wildlife Series: The Royal Canadian Mint produced the Canadian Wildlife Series, which showcases various native Canadian animals such as the wolf, grizzly bear, and cougar on the reverse side of the coins.

Chinese Lunar Series: The People's Republic of China issues coins based on the Chinese zodiac animals as part of its Lunar series. Each year features a different animal, such as the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, and so on.

African Wildlife Series: Several African countries, including Somalia and Zambia, issue coins featuring native wildlife like elephants, lions, and rhinos. These coins celebrate Africa's rich biodiversity.

Australian Lunar Series: Another series from the Perth Mint, the Australian Lunar Series, features animals from the Chinese zodiac. Each year corresponds to a different animal, with designs ranging from the rat to the pig.

British Royal Mint Beatrix Potter Series: The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom issued a series of coins featuring characters from Beatrix Potter's beloved children's books, including Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.

Canadian Birds of Prey Series: The Royal Canadian Mint issued a series of coins showcasing iconic birds of prey such as the peregrine falcon, bald eagle, and great horned owl.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more animal-themed coin series issued by various countries around the world. These coins often attract collectors due to their intricate designs and connection to nature and wildlife.

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